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Mike Pearson


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Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff

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Wrights & Sites

Wrights & Sites is a group of artist-
researchers with a special relationship
to site, city/landscape and walking.

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making routes

Making Routes is a peer-led laboratory for researchers and practitioners interested in the relationship between performance and journeys.

We are interested in:

•The narrative of journeys

•Movement through space and time as an act of writing, re-writing, or myth-making

•Walking practices as acts of reclaiming and resistance

•The spaces of performance (situated) in dialogue with the spaces of journeys (dynamic)

•Journeys as a model for the exchange of cultures and behaviours; an act of ‘setting roots in motion’ (Bourriaud, 2009)

David Overend:

My research interests are interdisciplinary and focus on contemporary theatre and performance. I am currently working on performance and journeys, site-specific theatre and relational aesthetics. My practice and research strongly determine and inform each other.

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Hogmany Games

Take on the challenge of the Labyrinth: a twisting sonic journey through St Giles’ Cathedral, with a minotaur at its heart. Can you reach the centre without being spotted? A game of sound, movement and monsters – come along and play, or just listen to the evolving musical score from composer Pippa Murphy.

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Cybraphon consists of a number of instruments, antique machinery, and found objects from junk shops operated by over 60 robotic components, all housed in a modified wardrobe. Its emotions are shown on a 100 year old school galvanometer; a motor-driven crank drives the bellows of an Indian classical instrument modified with 13 robotic servos; a switched fan pumps air through a Farfisa organ retro-fitted with robotic keys; 12 chimes are struck by suspended solenoids; numerous percussion instruments are hit by beaters attached to motors, including a cigar box with an integral spring “reverb”; and a purpose made vinyl record is cued robotically to play through antique brass gramophone horns. In addition to these musical components, Cybraphon has several internal light sources that are controlled on four fader channels, and infra-red motion detectors to monitor people watching it.

Found electronics

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Martin Parker – out there

Writing for headphones

Filmmakers well know how music interprets image and have trained us to respond to this device, it may explain why we carry around these sounds as they help us to re-interpret our environment as a cinematic and visual experience. Portable music players offer a personal, private space for individuals to re-see their world but we now also behave with music in a way that is perhaps different to modes of listening and access we’ve had up until recently. ‘Flash mobs’ [5] (where groups of people gather to perform acts of guerrilla resistance or individuality) are also associated with portable music players. ‘Silent Disco’ [6] and ‘Mobile Clubbing’ [7] are events where people dance together whilst listening to their own choice of music through headphones [8].

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