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About LaNua:

We focus on movement and choreography in various contexts – research, performance and across art forms.

We develop performance projects that explore the boundaries of choreographic practice in dialogue with other art forms while exploring alternative spaces, and interaction with objects, video, sound, and text.

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Performances Royal Botanic Gardens Sat 3 noon and Sun 4 Nov 2012 noon + 2.45 pm


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Opening Lines

[Draft] project idea

Explore one site from a range of perspectives to develop different ways to experience and understand the space.  This could involve a frequent visitor, a security guard, an architect, an artist in residence, an audio describer.

The project will also explore how these observations could be combined in one event – paying attention to physical movement through the space and the information this provides for visually impaired participants.

This proposal developed from a series of events in 2011/12 exploring site specific art with visually impaired participants.  Initialy tours were led and described from particiular expert positions; a poet, architect, ceramicist and a cleaner.  These tours gave fascintaing and unexpected insights, it was interesting to think about how this knowledge developed in different ways; through academic study, observation, action.

The cleaner of a historic house described to us how she moved through some rooms in her stocking soles, having to first remove her shoes and the varying frequency for dusting different book cases.  This led to our suppositions on the value of the objects in the rooms and imagine the ones she is never allowed to dust.

Following this there were events to find out more about particular artists practise, the Bellrock co and Martin Parker.  The discussion with sandy from Bellrock was really enjoyable to meet a writer and director interested to work with visually impaired audiences and think about how verbal description could be incorporated into the voices of a play.
The final events were led by Anthony Schrag focussing on walking.  Anthony combined stories, myths and geology drawing on array of sources (including participants).  Physically walking through spaces connected ideas in different ways, similarly a museum display may be read differently depending on the order of encounters.  The curator can encorage this, or attempt to control it.

Presumably these connections and interpretations can also be left open in a promenade performance.  So there are still areas to research and consider to form a structure for the initial visits and final tour.  Who to involve, which artists might be intersted, what skills and observations will they bring?  Also thanks and more queries to be sent to Beverley at NLS and Rita Simpson for the initial suggestion.

A performance of Beats by Kieran Hurley with very visceral descriptions has also inspired the project idea.  The project should consider ways to explore and describe space with the group members, not for them.

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The Eavesdropper

Aaron Williamson is currently artist in residence at the Walker Art Gallery and is using his time to ‘eavesdrop’ upon the paintings in the collection.

This ‘eavesdropping’ will result in performance-based interventions taking place in the gallery on 15, 16, 17 November.

“As a deaf person, it seems to me that the Walker’s Victorian art collection is vibrantly alive with whispers and questions, taunts and sayings: the mutterings against the silence of tight-lipped Victorian society. I want to listen to the collection, imaginatively, and use this research as the source of an entirely fictitious new interpretation of the paintings.” – Aaron Williamson

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notes from meeting with David Overend:

Phil Smith (Wrights and Sites)

Dee Heddon – feminist perspective, 40 walks blogstrange behaviour

David Leddy – audio tour in botanic gardens

Tim Crouch – England staged in Fruitmarket Gallery

Melanie Wilson, writer, performer also part of Everyday Moments.  Did a walk/tour as performance with David

Kieran Hurley – writer, performer. tour of Glasgow uni

Rob Drummond, writer, performer

Nic Green, participatory work

Graeme Miller, Linked – sound piece



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Susurrus by David Leddy is a play without actors, without a stage and with only one person in the audience. You.

Susurrus is part radio play, part avant-garde sonic art, part lesson in bird dissection but essentially, a glorious stroll in the park.

Our listener hears snippets about opera, memorial benches and botany which fit together into a mournful and poignant story of love.

“a sensual reinterpretation of A Midsummer Nights’ Dream with a contemporary edge” (The List).

Audiences follow a map around an exquisite botanic garden as they listen to the piece on MP3 player and headphones.

Susurrus was first presented to great acclaim and sell-out audiences at Glasgow’s botanic gardens in 2006. It was later mentioned by both The Guardian and The Scotsman as one of their top arts events of the year.

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Mike Pearson

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Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff

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