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A day to play

During the Fringe I attended a Playroom led by the Bellrock co with 8 artists, mainly performers.   The methods were designed to work with the whole person and we quickly felt comfortable together.  One of the first exercises was a quick fire drawing one, and we knew there were no wrongs.

The permission to play for a day was to remind us of the fun we had and can have; the reason we got involved in the arts.  Sandy’s enthusiasm was contagious and along with her energy and diverse interests, we didn’t know what to expect.  But the morning was surprisingly calm.  Working with an actress I started to explore the relationship between breathing techniques and drawing – the impact of one on the other.  I experienced the sounds of drawing and rhythm of drawing as relaxing and was reminded of the physicality of the activity.

The afternoon with Jen and Mark Traynor was much more mischievous.  We climbed trees, got told off for littering and phoned strangers following instructions on a found post-it note.  We talked about the tipping point when games go too far………..then we did.

The idea of permission seems to keep popping up at the moment, see Playable Spaces, Tourist in Residence and Zoe Beloff and now I’ll add to it responsibility.  How do we give/offer permission to experience spaces differently, even just talking in a gallery.  Once permisison is given what responsibilites do we assume?



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A walk with artist Anthony Schrag along Portobello Prom, finishing with hot chocolate on the beach around a bon fire.

Along the way we learnt about the inquisitive, surreal and political practices of walking.  We discussed the idea of drifting, of being led by the walk without a final destination.   Led by Anthony we drifted through many topics and heard a few tales.  It was March, in Scotland, by the sea, there was chittering and chattering and a warm atmosphere.

Going on a guided walk, ending at a fire with hot chocolate led to many questions about creativity and participation more generally.  We discussed the idea of drifting, not knowing, within one journey but also the creative process in general.  Alan said “wandering” is necessay, Martin its exciting.

There was also a feeling, that there is a need for structure, parameters and for some one to take the lead; other wise we would have been freezing and without hot chocolat.  There can still be choice within the structure and a project as a whole drifts with different ways to shape it at different points.

What I took from the group discusison is the process is important and lets not be too set on where we’re going or how we get there, but you need to get somewhere.  There’s a need to to get to the fire, to gather, pause and share ideas. These opportunities are important to the idea of adoption and ultimately making a wider cultural contribution.

You can hear an extract from the walk and group discussion here:

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staging sound

Staging Sound in the Museum: The Ears-on Experience of History

Symposium Friday February 3, 2012
Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum
in cooperation with Maastricht University & Amsterdam Museum

Fee: €20 (including lunch and afternoon drinks)
Registration: symposium@beeldengeluid.nl

This one day symposium focuses on the “ears-on” experience of history in the museum. Which historical topics are most suited for a sonic approach? How can sound be staged in such a way that it makes history more easily accessible than through visual means—and which pitfalls should be prevented? Which technical tools are available beyond the audio guide and sound shower? And which possibilities for sound as an entrance into history do we have outdoors, in the form of sound walks and cell phone apps for instance?

Our symposium focuses on sound in the history museum, sonic tools for the history, and sound beyond the history museum. Its is a day for museum staff members, radio makers, historians, scholars working on sound studies, and a more general audience interested in sound and history.

Among our speakers are Johanna Lehto-Vahtera (Museum of History and Contemporary Art Turku,


Finland) : Soundways: Exhibitions without Objects

Robert Genereuz, Sennheiser Electronics           (http://www.guideport.com/sennheiser/guideport_eng.nsf/root/g_n-museum-exhibition-audio-equipment.html)
Heinz Rosenberg, Holosonics (pending) (http://www.holosonics.com)

James Bryan & James Vyner (Soundmap.com):
Bringing History to Life through Audio Tours

Holger Schulze (Berlin University of the Arts): Experiencing Audio
Guides: Between Aural Architecture, Hörspiel & Soundwalks


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notes from meeting with David Overend:

Phil Smith (Wrights and Sites)

Dee Heddon – feminist perspective, 40 walks blogstrange behaviour

David Leddy – audio tour in botanic gardens

Tim Crouch – England staged in Fruitmarket Gallery

Melanie Wilson, writer, performer also part of Everyday Moments.  Did a walk/tour as performance with David

Kieran Hurley – writer, performer. tour of Glasgow uni

Rob Drummond, writer, performer

Nic Green, participatory work

Graeme Miller, Linked – sound piece



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Hogmany Games

Take on the challenge of the Labyrinth: a twisting sonic journey through St Giles’ Cathedral, with a minotaur at its heart. Can you reach the centre without being spotted? A game of sound, movement and monsters – come along and play, or just listen to the evolving musical score from composer Pippa Murphy.

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