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from museum of words by James Hefernan


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SensoryMaps by Kate McLean // Smell Edinburgh.

Each one of us constructs our own impression of a city that is made up of a personal combination of sensory perceptions. The original objective of my Sensory Maps was to encourage visitors to a city to consider how their senses were affected by the place, and to ascertain the sensory memories they retain and recall of the city in question.

The idea for Sensory Maps derived from my research into location, emotion and the senses of touch and of smell. As I explored the unparalleled dark architecture of Edinburgh in late October sunshine, digging out from deep December snows and glimpsing lights through a thick March haar I discovered that while our visual sense dominates other elements are involved in creating our sense of where we are.

I am Kate McLean, an MFA student of Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art.

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Creating & Publishing Audio
Three powerful ways to create & publish audio

Telephone Recording

Call a number, speak your mind, hang up. From anywhere you’ve got a phone*. From the club, the game, in traffic, at the mall, at a trade show, you name it. Talk up to 60 minutes. Interview someone or even record a conference call.

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  • Share rich voice messages with friends, family and the world
  • Add your voice to Facebook, Twitter and your blog
  • Broadcast from anywhere, anytime


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iShed » Projects


“Bringing together the arts, technology and social sciences has given us an opportunity to explore how emerging and online and mobile communication technologies can be used to create engaging new experiences. The work has been inspirational and thought provoking for us and its influence will extend further than the current project.” Kenton O’Hara, HP Labs

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Grundtvig – Memories and Mediascapes

Memories and Mediascapes is a five-day Grundtvig workshop, in which participants from around Europe will have the chance to capture and share personal memories using digital technologies.

The workshop is open to older learners (50+) from across Europe and is suitable for those with little or no experience of working with digital media. Simple tasks will ensure participants increase skills and confidence and discover how new technologies can add value to everyday experience. The workshop will also encourage participants to make new connections and inspire exchange of ideas across European nations.

via Pervasive Media Studio Projects | pervasive media studio.

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A lyrical journey

Adelaide Road

A lyrical journey between the Roundhouse and Hampstead Theatres, written by poet in residence Aoife Mannix and the residents of Camden.

via Pervasive Media Studio Projects | pervasive media studio.

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